Ohio State University delegation arrives at Ualikhanov University

A delegation from Ohio State University (OSU) from the USA visited Ualikhanov University today.

The purpose of the visit is to discuss the possibilities of strategic cooperation. A strategic session was held at the meeting, at which representatives of both universities put forward proposals for a strategic partnership.

These proposals include various aspects of collaboration, such as the development of dual degree programs for undergraduate students in the fields of agribusiness and applied economics, environmental science and nursing, the creation of joint programs for the Center for Continuing Education at Ohio State University in Lima, the planning of joint research projects and programs for joint scientific activities and the development of innovative solutions.

During the visit, a tour of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School was conducted for guests from the United States. Dr. Ronald Pope Davis and Hugh Holman presented a guest lecture for the students, and then for the faculty and students of the university. The delegation also visited the research laboratories of Ualikhanov University to get acquainted with current scientific projects.

This visit was a wonderful opportunity for both sides to exchange experiences and ideas, as well as establish fruitful relations for future cooperation.